Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Charlotte

good Charlotte,
read to me tonight,
beside the glow of
sit with me and
cause me dreams
of places not been
nor ever seen.
lay beside me and
hold me there,
with a web of words
a villains stare.
the cold night wind
is like a drug, a
blanket that i cannot
shrug, tightens as
i'm lulled to sleep,
candy is all mine
to keep.
until i hear your
soft voice cry
the end of story,
to bed i fly,
through hazy eyes
unconscious look,
i barely see you
close the book
and lean toward
the candle flame,
a silent breath,
you whisper my
i don't recall the
creaking door or
worn heels on the
wooden floor,
you led me to the
i will return by
break of day.

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